[STREAM] Dems – “Christabel”

Dems Christabel

strong willed but soft spoken, what happened in the sheets?

  • Who: Dan, Dave, Duncan
  • What: Haunting funkwave, like Blackbird Blackbird, Germany Germany, Arrange
  • Where: London, UK + Facebook
  • When: First in a series of free releases. Free to download on January 27th, 2013, from d-e-m-s.com. LP Desire coming February 2013.
  • Why: Remember when Hannes Fischer popped onto our radar a year ago with his chart topping remix of Lana Del Rey? I also posted his Dems remix at the same time. And then forgot about Dems. Until “Christabel” slipped right through the clutter and crystalized as one of the more beautiful tracks I’ve heard lately. Its been stuck in my head for days. Shuffling beats, angelic vocals, and distorted voices all chop and blend into a haunting treat that has me wondering if I’ve just missed a years worth of Dems magic.