[STREAM] Exsonvaldes – “Seahorses”

Exsonvaldes - Seahorses

i understand why this won’t last

  • Who: Simon and 3 others.
  • What: Chill indie pop, like Death Cab, Digits, No
  • Where: Paris, France + Facebook
  • When: New LP Lights out March 18
  • Why: Exsonvaldes are French. So French that most of their Facebook is in French. Exsonvaldes has also been around a while. Such a while that they were founded in 2000. So how do they only have 2.5K likes on Facebook? Because the music world is a weird and twisted one. Although I could totally see the lulling beauty of “Seahorses” putting me in such a blissful trance that when it was done I wouldn’t want anything to do with a computer and the banal motion of clicking a “like” button. I would rather go into the world, smell the fresh rain on the ground, and love the ones around me.
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