[STREAM] Griz Adams – “The Struggle”

young enough to say what you feel, sometimes its all that we’ve got

  • Who: Adam, Fred, Seb
  • What: Ragged soul rock, like Generationals, Turtle Giant, The Griswolds
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Just this jam so far…
  • Why: If an amazing song is playing and nobody is around to hear it then does it really happen? Umm, yes. It very much does. The fact that LA band Griz Adams has less than 100 likes on Facebook is more an indication of their piping hot freshness then the lack of sheer sing-along awesomeness packed into “The Struggle.” It’s the perfect jam for this cooler fall weather that still sits under plenty of sunshine. Crank it up and rock out as we wait for more Griz.

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