[STREAM] Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Make The Money”

but if that’s what i believe in, and the reason that i rap, uncle sam is my pimp when he puts me on the track

The best thing about having contributors to this little blog I started is being turned onto stuff from them. It was an early post from Joel at tipped to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and eventually to one of the best remixes of 2010 (and it’s heavy video). Since then I have kept an eye on Macklemore, tracking his growing success and continued tackling of real life stories in his rhymes. I like his honesty and his willingness to admit his faults and talk about heavy shit he has been through.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Make The Money (Buy at iTunes)

New jam “Make The Money”‘s message of integrity above all could easily seem a little heavy-handed but something about Macklemore’s attitude makes me fine with it. Even recent super-cheesy anti-consumerism anthem “Wings” is the good kind of cheesy. But what I like even more than Macklemore’s honesty, is that he knows how to have fun too. Unlike a lot of preachy rappers, he doesn’t stick to one heavy handed note. Thanks to Dave at Fairly Coherent, I saw this perfect example of Macklmore leting his “hair” down in his latest video for “And We Danced” (below). Capital F-U-N. I bet this guy’s live shows go off the chain. Good thing he is on tour now!

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  1. Guest
    Guest says:

    You put it perfectly – Macklemore could be mistaken for cheesy but he’s so genuine doing it that he gets away with it. I’ve been to 3 shows, each one just as good as the last. His passion for what he does is absolutely infectious. Not only that, he stays at the end of every show until every single last fan has had a chance to talk to him…not sure how much longer he’ll be able to do that though I think he’s gonna blow up pretty big soon. If you have the chance to go see him now, do it.

  2. Joel @ TBE
    Joel @ TBE says:

    I definitely see how someone could mistake some of his music as cheesy after a brief listen, but boy that would be a fat mistake.  Like a great actor, this dude can do it all at the flip of a switch.  He can do it without seeming in the least bit cheesy too.  Great artist and one of the best shows you can see in America.

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