[STREAM] Red Kite – “Montreal”

i guess i should have known that i’d wind up on my own, well this is an apology for the man I couldn’t be 

Guitars! Drums! Bass! Vocals! Such simple ingredients but somehow they can still be combined in ways that sound so good (I mean, I’m not giving all the credit to the xylophone here). London’s Red Kite only have this one song released but let’s not hold that against their 100% record for sweet jams. I’m personally loving the way the song picks up it’s pace, getting more and more frantic as the tale of the love that fell apart unravels before us. I hope his heart mends quickly because I’m gonna need these guys focusing on putting out some more primo tracks like this. Or screw it, if heartbreak is what fuels this gold then stay hurt!

Montreal by Red Kite_Band

Follow the bands progress and read about the bird behind the name at their Soundcloud.

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

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