[SXSW INTERVIEW] Strange Talk & The Griswolds tried to annex my RV for Australia

Please forgive the guys in Strange Talk and The Griswolds for being awesome. Its probably not their fault. Gotta be something to with the ozone or something down under. Luckily for us I got to cram all 9 members of both bands into the RV at SXSW for a bit of political debate and a few gardening tips.

Strange Talk’s awesome album Cast Away is out on April 29th.

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  1. M Davis
    M Davis says:

    Love Strange Talk! Their new album is coming out on April 29th, can’t wait! I saw them live at Music Hall of Williamsburg recently, they’re really solid.

  2. Bobby Saban
    Bobby Saban says:

    Yes, why wouldn’t I preorder the new album to receive 6 songs right now. Thank you record label!

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