Brett – “Modern Classic” // Abigail Goldman

Brett has been grinding out jams for years now but they are often so under the radar that a fan like me even misses them! “Modern Classic” was on their Dir Young EP last year but I’m just now catching up with it via some repeated listens. ‘Die Young’ EP out now via 10K Islands.

Don’t forget Brett’s early favorite “Rap Songs” which was one of my mist underrated songs on the first 6 years of The Burning Ear. (p.s. The Burning Ear is now 8 years old and approaching the 4000th post… woah)

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Lola Blanc – “The Magic” (prod. 10k Islands) // Muro

If Lola Blanc can get in a man’s head half as easy as “The Magic” gets in mine then dudes better beware….

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[DEBUT] Butterfly Hunter – “Easy”

If the first 3 minutes of “Easy” doesn’t lift you off the ground with its sheer smoothness then the ripping piano breakdown at the end will definitely do the trick. Butterfly Hunter’s debut jam is as breezy beautiful as the name suggests but there is clearly some serious talent at work here. Not to mention that the lyrics are basically written from my own perspective to the song itself. Not sure how they did that but I’m into it.  Read more