90 POUNDS OF existential crisis can’t keep PETE sweating through TRYOUTS

Next time you think your way into a hole, try moshing your way out of it with 90 Pounds of Pete.  Read more

[PREMIERE] 90 Pounds of Pete – “Black Card” (prod. by Christoph Andersson)

90 Pounds of Pete is back with a kiss off anthem for all those chumps who sail through life with daddy’s money at their backs. Through years of generously helping his buddies moves and collapsing their own damn cardboard boxes* Pete has ground out his own fierce work ethic that comes across in his high octane jams that are perfect for soundtracking your own hours of practice and perfection.  Read more

90 Pounds of Pete – “Waited Too Long” ft. Devon Baldwin + “Arms”

If you ever let your limbs get all spazzy to a jam by Darwin Deez or Atom and his Package then then 90 Pounds of Pete is your workout for the day. Newer jam “Waited Too Long” is a more tender affair but those tin-can vocals and big beat groove are pretty unstoppable. A great intro for beginners. When you are ready for pro-level, put on a headband and keep up with “Arms”. Don’t come crying to me if you are sore tomorrow!

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