A Cosmic Gift – “Over the Hills”

A Cosmic Gift – “Another Galaxy (feat. Throwback Zack)” + “Space (feat. Know-Madik & Lucas Bakker)” // 8pxl

A Cosmic Gift is a duo that I’ve been following for years, and their newest album may be their finest work yet. Instead of their usually fully instrumental offerings, A Journey to the Purple Planet is their first album that features a slew of guest vocalists, which does a great job of enhancing that which was is already top-notch.

The Daft-Punk style vocoder vocals by Throwback Zack on “Another Galaxy” blend into the steady groove seamlessly, serving as the pilot of the auditory spacecraft. “Space” features excellent rapping over the celestial beat. A wonderful counterpart, partner, and companion piece to “Another Galaxy”, both could exist in their own realms but together are twice as formidable.

Just go listen to this album already. Jeez.