Remix Roundup Vol. 69 – Approx. Jan 2013

100-bolt-paddedDamn, these have been rocking my iTunes for months now but laziness/selfishness has kept them from being wrapped and gifted for your ears. No time to talk. Get down to the rock.

Music Video Roundup – 04.10.2013 [Yacht, Wavves, Poolside, A$AP Rocky, Yeah Yeah Yeahs]

Music-Video-RoundupGAAAAHHH!!! Hot damn, its been too long! These server issues keeping TBE down is like being held under wtaer. I cant share music means I can’t breathe. And the hits don’t stop coming! SO many videos to share. Stay tuned over the next few days.

Yacht – “Second Summer”

Never got, or got into, these guys but this track and it’s accompanying visual mind bender are a Read more

[VIDEO] Lana del Rey – “National Anthem”

So Lana gets all Mr. & Mrs. JFK with A$AP Rocky in the beautiful video for “National Anthem” but the real question is why? I certainly hope there isn’t a message. This song is already so heavy with clichéd lyrics. I just like watching A$Sap feel on that butt. Go get it!