Aaron Taos – “Closure”

VINYL MOON Volume 029: Marrow Siren

We’re happy to unveil the latest release from VINYL MOON, a unique record club that takes exciting new musical artists and visual artists each month to create a one-of-a-kind record with original, deluxe art and your new favorite songs, all in one package.

Volume 029: Marrow Siren will lure you in with psychedelic coral and skeletal figures in the light. But its real surprise is in the crushing dark, where the three specters on the front, back, and gatefold from the jacket glow with eerie light. Paired with a custom tarot card and deep-sea translucent blue vinyl with kelp marbling, the whole thing is a testament to the skills of visual artist Marcos Navarro.

If you’re feeling lost in the depths, TBE favorites including Rattlerette, Loyal Lobos, and Psymon Spine will help pull you out. Then we guarantee you’ll want to take a deep breath

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Aaron Taos – “Alone feat. Shane Stokes” // Evija Laivina

If Aaron Taos wants to be left alone, dropping sweet tracks is a pretty bad way to go about doing it. But it’s great news for those of us who are sick of other people after a long day of hustling for tips, being harassed at bars, shoved into subways, sitting in traffic, standing in line, getting spilled on at shows, yelling over crowd noise, being asked way too many questions about our personal lives, losing the last piece of food to some bratty kid who’s already had three…wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah. People suck. This song doesn’t.

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Aaron Taos – “Bangs” // Cesar Pélizer

There’s lots of reasons to play this at your next BBQ.

1. It’s a bonafide summer jam.

2. Fuzzed out guitar tones pair perfectly with grilled food.

3. There’s bound to be at least one person with bangs at the party, making this the perfect icebreaker or subtle hint to your trendy-haired crush.

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