Music Video Roundup – 04.22.13 [Florrie, Chris Malinchak, Ace Reporter, Haerts, When Saints Go Machine]

Music-Video-RoundupTape those eyelids up because the videos won’t stop coming!

This round we got a handful of tricks to digest. Long awaited videos from Ace Reporter  and Chris Malinchak to the  teaser and first video from TBE faves When Saints Go Machine’s new album. Enjoy!

Florrie – “Live A Little”

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Remix Roundup Vol. 43 – 4.29.2011 [LYKKE LI, MOBY, FOSTER THE PEOPLE, THE KLAXONS and more… ]

If you are an avid TBE follower you may have noticed we have had some hackers on our site lately.  So, we thought we would let you know we’ve hired some robot ninjas to judo chop the shit out if them.  Oh, you didn’t hear?  Malware Ninjas to the funking rescue!  They have laser beams, flying baby space saucers (just like the movie Battery), boob guns, and really… anything your imaginative mind could ever muster. They are now here to stay and solve any issue TBE may ever encounter.  For now, in this thing we call “the mean time”, enjoy our latest edition of our Remix Roundups.  Annnnd, by the wayss, we are experimenting with some new graphics from our local Austin friend Danielle Villarreal.

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♫ WIN WIN – VICTIM featuring Blaqstarr (Gigamesh Remix)

♫ Lykke Li – I Know Places (DJSB Remix)

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[EP] ACE REPORTER’s jam FRANKFURT is one of like TWENTY NINE thousand tracks he’s dishing out

i say stop, you say go, i say why, you say so

♫ Ace Reporter – Frankfurt

Ace Reporter is TBE alum Chris Snyder who recorded a song every day of 2010  (!!) and released them all for free. Much to my peasant surprise, many of them were really good. To culminate his project he has whittled his mammoth collection down and re-recorded and mastered his favorites into a series of (also free) EPs that he is slowly releasing throughout this year. The first, named after one of my favorites from the 365 Project, was the Untouched and Arrived EP. EP closer “Frankfurt” steals the show with it’s driving rhythm and ripping guitars.

♫ Ace Reporter – Twenty-Nine

Second EP, Lean Honey Lean, contains the tender and plinking “Twenty Nice” which instantly  hooks my ears and get’s me grooving along.

♫ Ace Reporter – [Day-338] ONE (Yeasayer cover)

Another bit of Ace Reporter goodness is his list of favorite albums of 2010, rendered in the form of five cover songs instead of the usual jpeg and blurb that us bloggers squeeze out. Catch his renditions of tracks by 2010 faves The National, Arcade Fire, Beach House, and Local Natives.

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ACE REPORTER delivers jams UNTOUCHED from their birth AND some even ARRIVED in top form

oh my look at these eyes, covered in cobwebs, creased like they’re alive

♫ Ace Reporter – Untouched And Arrived (Day 75)

Besides providing great music recommendations and always entertaining concert stories, my man Train over at AudioMuffin also knows this guy named Chris. Chris used to be in a band called The States but they’re on hiatus now and Chris is taking advantage of that time to write a song a day for the whole of 2010. Yeah. Read that again to make sure you got it right. Chris’ moniker for the project is Ace Reporter and he is now 191 days in. These are the kinds of projects you hear about a lot but rarely are they more than an exercise in ego/discipline. Ace reporter is actually cranking out great music! I haven’t even began to listen to them all but one that caught my ear in Train’s first post on the project was “Untouched And Arrived.” If I didn’t trust my sources so much I wouldn’t believe this was recored in a day! This is a fully formed jam here! I love that big drum thump and those hand-claps and I can’t help but sing along with the chorus. Damn, I just did some poking around Ace’s best of (so far) list and found this amazing track from day 96.

♫ Ace Reporter – Day Is Done (Day 96)

“Day Is Done” is a straight rock anthem that is radio caliber as far as I’m concerned. If this jam came on while I was driving I know my pedal foot would get a little heavier and my steering wheel tapping would increase about 7 degrees. And that’s not even mentioning the song’s historically awesome lyrics! Ace introduces them best here. Damn, Ace! I’m fucking impressed. Well, I don’t know about you all but I’m pumped to see what Ace Reporter cooks up for us through the end of the year and what he does with all these great tracks come 2011.

//Photo by Train as part of the Train vs. Ace Reporter mini project. Freshness.//

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