[#40-21] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)

STOP! If you haven’t read Part 1 which features #60-41 then do that first. Besides all the great jams in there, it is where I wrote all the sentimental self-congratulatory stuff so pay your respects, man.

Ok, on with the Hot Underrated Jamz.  Read more

[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

Lets not talk about the fact this year is already half over. Thats just insane. About as insane as the quality of jams that have been pumping through TBE HQ’s speakers these past 6 months. Here is the best of the best. Did I miss any? Did you miss any?

(Thanks to Vladimir Bobritskiy for the album art.)

25. My Great Ghost – Plain Sight / A pulsating, haunting, and thoroughly beautiful journey.

24. Purity Ring – Obedear / Slightly creepy. Very ominous. Highly Read more

[LP] Acollective – ONWARDS (w/ “Girls” & “Stolen Goods”)

why don’t you try to sleep alone

♫ Acollective – Girls

I just realized that after my post-Israel obsess-fest over “Stolen Goods” (below) I never gave a proper album review of Acollective’s Onwards LP. Well, this won’t be it. Consider it more of a friendly reminder to pour yourself a stiff drink and dive into the rollicking gypsy folk rock of these live-show beasts.

♫ Acollective – Stolen Goods

[MP3] Acollective – “Stolen Goods”

pack up your things and get out, i can’t stand your taste in my mouth

♫ Acollective – Stolen Goods

  • Who: Idan Rabinovici, Roy Rieck, & 5 other epic dudes.
  • What: Funk folk rock, like Jukebox The Ghost, Gogol Bordello
  • Where: Tel Aviv, Israel + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Debut LP Onwards is out now.
  • Why: Quiet the area around you, close your eyes, and let “Stolen Goods” wash over you like the morning tide. It comes it soft before slowly rippling up your ankles and ending in a crash over your body. Having this song introduced to you live is a luxury not many will get but I can tell you it had an effect on me. It was about 27 seconds in before I knew I had to have Acollective at the TBE showcases at SXSW. I did. They rocked other songs too but this one still gripped me something fierce.
  • If the only Israeli music you are familiar with is The Young Professionals (or god forbid Infected Mushroom…) then prepare to have your horizon’s expanded. Don’t worry the process will be painless. However, other side effects may include shivers up your spine, uncontrollable dancing, and maximal merriment. Just see these guys live and you will understand. Or stay tuned for a full album review (& other stories from my trip with Kinetis) although I recommend beating me to the punch and getting your own copy.

[LIVE] SXSW Day 4 Recap + 360° Interviews

Slow Club gives it oh so sweetly.

What can I say about day 4 that wont make you green with St Paddy’s themed envy if you weren’t actually there to witness it? A bonus set by new TBE faves Cherub happened. Plus a lot more varieties of rock (sexy, tender, party, etc). Stay tuned for a proper recap of my favorite shows of the TBE parties but in the meantime read on for the 360 interviews! Read more

[EVENT] The Burning Ear’s FREE 2012 SXSW Parties

Yes, the rumors are true. The Burning Ear is in full effect at this year’s SXSW. With the help of Joel’s Lights & Music Entertainment and the awesome people at The Firehouse Lounge & Hostel we have cooked up the biggest blog curated lineup Austin has ever seen. Plus, it’s FREE!  Seriously. Sit down before you click through to the full event page.

I wont even get into too many details here lest those of you not in Austin this week flip out with jealousy. If you feel strong enough then dip down below for some teasers. I hope to see some of you come and rock out! Don’t forget to say hi and high-five!


4 Days  |  3 Levels  |  40+ live shows | FREE

FEATURING: Jukebox The Ghost – Gigamesh – Gemini Club – Polarsets – DWNTWN – Slow Club – ANR – & many more!