Van Bobbi – “Amelia Earhart” + Afterglo Remix

Attention: Van Bobbi is back with a souped-up remix of his original hit “Amelia Earhart”. Afterglow, the man responsible for this remix treat is a new producer hailing from the Chicago area – a city rich in top-notch future production. Expect to hear a lot more from both him and Van Bobbi in the near future. In the meantime, take a listen and get that blood flowing. The dance floor awaits.

Remix Roundup 77 – [Part 1] – Chelsea Cutler, Bazzi, Oliver Nelson, Clean Bandit

Hey all, we decided to keep things going w/ our re-introduction to the “Remix Roundup”. While we don’t have any official expectations or a set schedule, I’m going to see if I can keep these coming for you…. I’ve still got a fair amount of older and newer remixes backlogged, so I’ll try my best to mix them both in. Also, if you guys are interested, I’m starting a Spotify “Best Remixes” playlist you can follow.  Keep in mind that most remixes never make it to Spotify and iTunes :(