Air Traffic Controller – NORDO EP

A lot of bands have a lot of names about a lot of random things (I’m skeptical Billy Corgan ever smashed a pumpkin). Air Traffic Controller’s frontman Dave Munro, however, actually served in the US navy as an air traffic controller! The project was born from demos he recorded overseas and the resulting fan base he found when he returned home.

ATC’s Nordo EP is a rousing hunk of indie-rock with tinges of folk and pop flaring up here and there. Catchy jams for fans of fun. Opening slow burn anthem “You Know Me” pairs handclaps with boy/girl vocals and a ton of sing-along potential. “Hurry Hurry” packs hilarious lyrics into a caffeinated nugget of churning guitars and drums. The fun continues for 4 more jams that will lift your weekend’s spirits, guaranteed.