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lump slipped on a kiss and tumbled into love

The Presidents Of The United States Of America – Lump / 1995

The Presidents Of The United States Of America exploded onto the scene in 1995 with “Lump,” the endlessly catchy thump-fest that grabbed me by the face and dragged me to my local record store. Anyone else smart enough to pick up their self-titled debut was treated to one of the most solid rock albums of the 90s. “Lump” was followed by “Kitty,” “Peaches,” and “Dune Buggy,” for all I’m concerned, the whole album could have been singles. Surprisingly, POTUSA are still around and recently released their 5th album. I haven’t heard anything since 1996’s disappointing II and I don’t think I will. Unless someone tells me to… Anyway, if you don’t already have it then you should pick their debut from Amazon. It’s going used for a penny. How’s that treatin’ you? Still got an excuse? Yeah, thought so.

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don’t it make you want to get some sun?

Fountains Of Wayne – Radiation Vibe / 1996

Fountains of Wayne are most famous for their 2003 comeback song “Stacy’s Mom” but it was 1996’s “Radiation Vibe” that first broke them onto the scene and into my heart. But its not all MILFs and underwear-on-the-outside with these guys, they recorded the tite song for That Thing You Do (earning an Oscer nomination) as well as the theme song to MTV prank-call show Crank Yankers. Fountains are still active, their 2007 album even receiving critical acclaim, but despite all that other jazz, to me they will always be the band that made this gem.

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