Cyrus Reynolds – “The Wolves (feat. Keeley Bumford)” // Amber Ma

Epic instrumentation and inspirational musical progression fleshes out “The Wolves” — from the second the track starts, the stakes are high and time is running out. A movie plays out in my head when I listen to this, and every time it’s a different plot and cast of characters. An anxiety-driven orchestral triumph for your ears to enjoy.

Cyrus Reynolds also just announced a new contest on IndabaMusic to remix “The Wolves” and win $500! More details here.

Raveena – “If Only” // Amber Ma

Dreamy, poppy R&B doesn’t get much better than this. A little bit of funk, a little bit of soul, this song punches you in the feels, and then immediately hugs them and apologizes. The crooning vocals over the intoxicating beat makes this one ripe for revisits.

Get Raveena on vinyl with her beautiful song “You Give Me That” on Vinyl Moon: still. life.

Koresma – “Forest Sang” // Amber Ma

With swaying arpeggios and a resonating flute-guitar duo, you’ll think the trees really are singing to you in Koresma’s “Forest Sang,” a song the artist describes as one’s relationship with nature.  Perfect for the infinite forests and cornfields of our vast collective imaginations.

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