[EP] American Royalty – PRISMATIC (w/ “Hungry”)

American Royalty - Prismatic

when i had my eye, staring at the sun, growing old and wise, but staying young and dumb

We’ve already been massaged by the jittery bongo & guitar shuffle of American Royalty’s mellowed out single “Honey & Queen” and now the LA group has dropped the Prismatic EP which has 4 more tracks of their psyched-out groove rock.”Hungry” follows EP-opener “Honey” and is the real party starter. Gutars shred over whiplash a rhythm section and it makes me want to rock. Then they get tender on “Mariah” before bringing the slow burn weirdo funk on “EVO.” Its an excellent document of the band’s continually evolving sound and proof that there are more ideas going on in their heads then they will ever be able to record. Get on this adventure while you can.

[MP3] American Royalty – “Honey & Queen”

i find the virgin mary’s face, it stares at me before i say

♫ American Royalty – Honey & Queen

American Royalty are a band evolving. From early mega-jam “Lately” to the more recent blues/garage Matchstick EP they are exploring new sonic territory and playing with their “sound.” “Honey & Queen” is a mellowed out tribal groover with fuzzed vocals and a sneaking ability to grow on me with every listen. And I bet its even better live.

[LIVE] SXSW Day 2 Recap + 360° Interviews

Day 2 was a blast. There was music, food, drink, and a lot of dancefloor shenanigans. I’ll refer you to the full lineup for a list of the ways our socks were rocked. Below are the interviews I was able to catch. I think DWNTWN’s gave me a new favorite location to do these…

American Royalty / American Royalty – Lately

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[MP3/VIDEO] American Royalty – “Lately” & “Matchstick”

cause i got an obsession, an obsession for this sin

♫ American Royalty – Lately

  • Who: Marc, Billy, & Mat
  • What: Indie grind w/lasers, like Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club, Kitten Berry Crunch
  • Where: Los Angeles, CA + Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: 2nd EP Matchstick is out now.
  • Why: I caught American Royalty open for Penguin Prison a few backs and as the pre-opener they got the whole room rocking and grooving, not an easy feat. We were first drawn in by their energetic indie rock styling and then whipped into a frenzy when things got heavier with the electronics. Set-closer “Lately” was like a sexy robot dance instructor and none of us could turn her down for a spin. Peep the tripped out watercolor adventure video for the single “Matchstick” off their new EP. Then come catch them at Day 2 of the TBE SXSW parties on Thursday at 5 pm. Rock!

American Royalty – Matchstick from American Royalty on Vimeo.

[EVENT] The Burning Ear’s FREE 2012 SXSW Parties

Yes, the rumors are true. The Burning Ear is in full effect at this year’s SXSW. With the help of Joel’s Lights & Music Entertainment and the awesome people at The Firehouse Lounge & Hostel we have cooked up the biggest blog curated lineup Austin has ever seen. Plus, it’s FREE!  Seriously. Sit down before you click through to the full event page.

I wont even get into too many details here lest those of you not in Austin this week flip out with jealousy. If you feel strong enough then dip down below for some teasers. I hope to see some of you come and rock out! Don’t forget to say hi and high-five!


4 Days  |  3 Levels  |  40+ live shows | FREE

FEATURING: Jukebox The Ghost – Gigamesh – Gemini Club – Polarsets – DWNTWN – Slow Club – ANR – & many more!