Someone – “Forget Forgive” // Sharon Draghi

For Someone’s most personal song to date, the singer-songwriter strips down to four elements in the entire song, giving plenty of space for the lyrics to delve into the darkness. The song explores that darkness without being bogged down by it, courtesy of Someone’s airy vocals and the ultimately positive message of the music. Go spelunking with Someone.

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St. Tropez – “Democracy” // Rachel Sussman

Since the real thing is a bit unstable these days, its best channel the cathartic gold of St Tropez’s rough and rowdy “Democracy”. Sweat it out!

Be sure to check out their killer track “Son Of God” on VINYL MOON Volume 009. They will also be at SXSW this year playing The Burning Ear & Vinyl Moon showcase! More details soon…

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Meeka Kates – “Wildfire” // Jeannie Phan

The latest Meeka Kates jam is another example of his fine ability to make jams that work perfectly well for both chilling out and dancing. I recommend alternating the two activities as you listen to “Wildfire ” on repeat this weekend.

Taken from Meeka’s debut EP ‘Wildfire’ out now.

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CUT_ embrace the darkness as well as ABSTRACT spelling (Embed is unfortunately disabled)

Few things in life are better than traveling to foreign lands, celebrating national holidays, drinking local beers, and getting turned on to neighborhood bands. Enjoy the fruits of my Summer’s good times with Amsterdam’s Cut_.


BUNGALOW are READY to SET you up before you GO

Whatever your mission is, crank up some Bungalow to get prepped for it.

Make sure to get into the full 90/92 EP and then check out Bungalow on Vinyl Moon Volume 005.

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ST. TROPEZ and I both WANNA LIVE our lives IN sweaty peace while listening to ST. TROPEZ

When your heart stops beating make sure to catch St. Tropez on Vinyl Moon Volume 009.

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MEEKA KATES has a WILD ride in store for those willing to brave the darkness

Don’t be afraid, I’m not like your other lovers of late

But maybe be a little afraid. But in a good way. Meeka is not afraid to get a bit dark when wooing. Go along with it.

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Fantastic Fantastic – “Call Me”

Fantastic Fantastic are persistent optimists who know that the best way through most challenges is with a little hip shaking (and a phone call, NOT a text!). They have got us moving before and “Call Me” is an excellent step down the stairs to the underground club in their hearts.

Catch Fantastic Fantastic on VINYL MOON Volume 001.  Read more