Andrew Bird can See The Enemy, and it’s definitely not this song


underneath the stalactites the troglobites lost their sight

Andrew Bird – See The Enemy

I guess it’s pretty criminal of me but I never really listened to Andrew Bird until recently. I stumbled across this song and was like “Woah! This is great, is this what I have been missing from Andrew all these years?” Well, the answer is no. I picked up his latest, Noble Beast, and there is nothing as fresh as “See The Enemy.” It’s pleasant music, no doubt, but not something I find myself needing to listen to. “See The Enemy,” however, is totally up my alley. A little more pep, some fun word play, epic strings, mention of troglobites, what else does a man need? It comes from the Fitz and Dizzyspells EP in which Bird includes a some b-sides and a few reworkings, like this one, of Noble Beast‘s “Anonanimal.” I’ll give Bird’s stuff a few more listens to see if it grows on me but this song is so great I’m hapy letting it represesnt him in my book. [Thanks to IGIF]

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