♫ Claude Debussey – Clair de Lune (RAC Analog Synthesizer Version)

RAC. Only three letters but undeniably powerful. Any long time readers of TBE will recognize those letters as clearly as FBI, CIA or perhaps more significantly, RMX, which is what they do best (and I do mean THE best). Flipping the script a a bit here, Andre decided to take a whack at a cover song on a recent Friday evening. Armed with a few analog synths and his delicate aural sensibilities he made this piece of reworked beauty. He even let us in on a bit of the process.

It’s featuring the Minimoog model D, which has some trouble staying in tune, especially on the high notes. The Juno-60 on the chords. I ran the last half of it through this old tape deck, so you kinda get this rough tape hiss and distortion.

If somehow you aren’t familiar with the original you can get even more melancholy here.

♫ Surfer Blood – Take It Easy (RAC Maury Mix)

In more excellent RAC news, they are days away from releasing Volume 2 of their remix collection series. They are dropping a remix a day leading up to the March 4th release and day 1 was this bassed out “Surfer Blood” remix. Days 2 and 3 saw Washed Out and Suckers get the royal RAC treatment as anticipation builds for what the full 9 song mix will hold! Stay on top of this one here!

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KISSES from BERMUDA. Wish you were here.

i say i should have seen right through it all

♫ Kisses – Bermuda

Listening to Kisses it’s almost impossible to not think of Jens Lekman and that unique croon of his. The band is actually from Los Angeles and recently finished mixing their debut album with Andrew Maury from RAC. I’m even going to let him describe their music ’cause he obviously know what he is talking about.

It conjures a white-tuxedo ‘n sunglasses, cruise-ship journey. Mellow bass, swirling synths, spring reverb’d drum machines, sparkling guitars, and INSANELY catchy, suave melodies. the album has a lot of uplifting jams, moody heartbreak songs, and even some 80’s dark pop vibes.

Well shit, if that isn’t straight up your summertime-fantasy alley then have fun is your gloomy sex dungeon while the rest of us catch rays and swap margarita recipes. LP The Heart Of The Nightlife is out later in the year so start cleaning up that pool/back yard/roof deck/hot tub/yacht now.

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