[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 02.27.13 [Haim, The 1975, Woodkid, Asbjørn, Matt & Kim]

Music-Video-RoundupI hope you guys are keeping up with these. I know I’ve been dropping feature length video roundups on the regular lately but its not my damn fault. I dont make these things! I just eat my breakfast to them! And then spread them around, sharing the love and magic. Because goodness knows we dont need another indie band live performance video or pop song shot in “du club.” Creativity will always be Read more

[MP3] Asbjørn – “The Criminal”

don’t tell me stories of the sunken ships, it’s too much for me to take in

♫ Asbjørn – The Criminal (Radio Edit)

  • Who: The guy you see poking through in that album art.
  • What: Shuffling electronic groove swirls, like When Saints Go Machine, Rangleklods, Jamie Woon
  • Where: Aarhus, Denmark + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: This one song is all there is so far.
  • Why: Since Asbjørn is Danish you know our girl Arletta already posted on him but that doesn’t mean that us non Dane-o-philes shouldn’t know whats up. This jam is pure kinetic energy, tapping into that part of the body that regulates asymmetric body spasms. The layers of loops and beats reveal each other as the song shifts through the dusk light and its hard not to move along.