♫ The Dirty Tees – Let You Go ft. Ashley Couse

The other day I was listening to The Dirty Tees new original track “Let You Go” and it reminded me that they were making the life altering move from London , Ontario Canada to the city of Angels.    My curiosity led me to ask the boys how their transition was going and what direction they’re taking their future music.  Below is some of what they had to say.

About their move:

We moved down to LA a few weeks ago and we are working with Natasha Bedingfield as an imprint of hers.  We do little updates on our website on our time in L.A.

Their webpage is a very cool blog for updates about their journey and definitely worth your time.

What they had to say about where their music direction is going:

We are incorporating more electric guitar into our music while we are down here. This is going to better suit our image and a more distinctive (unique) sound. We are also writing with topline writers down here, taking our lyrics and vocal melodies to the next level (…). It’s going to be very interesting to see how people/labels respond to this style of music. Pretty unique, but it works! We are finally producing that electro/house/alternative music that we set out to create since the beginning.

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