Etheral – “Where?” // Thomas Cian

Floating along in a record store, browsing for new titles as the sun streams in through the window. Taking in the rays while stretched out in the grass. Driving the last 2 miles home after a long day of work with no plans for the evening but a great dinner and a glass of wine.

These are just a few answers to the incomplete question posed in the track title: “Where…should I listen to this song?”

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GREEN GERRY busts out horns so MEAN it will be a MIRACLE if i don’t break a sweat

Green Gerry has been getting weird for a while now and I can’t stop listening to his new jam “Mean Miracle”. Its raw and raucous in all the right ways!

“Mean Miracle” is the A-Side to the single ‘Mean Miracle/Raindrops In Every Single People’ out now on Hit City U.S.A.

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