Pure Colors – “Need Ya’ Now” // Christopher Youssef

Don’t bother taking a shower after work today because Pure Colors is just going to dirty you right up with “Need Ya Now”.

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Lanes – “You’re Somebody” // Cristi Lopez

Borrowing a bit of the after-hours vibe from The 1975 fits Lanes nicely as they sex (and sax!) things up with this new jam.  Read more

The Electric Sons – “Ancient Sounds”

Music for… continuing our tour of the South, this time with a bigger dose of hooks and grooves. “Ancient Sounds” is an indie pop groover from the formidable Electric Sons. Beware the gas pedal when this one is playing, which may be tough as I could see this jam on the radio any day now.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Future: Upcoming EP Golden Age. Plus SXSW shows all next week.

[MP3] Hello Ocho – “Stickin To The Sheets”

oh you’re not even real, you’re not even real

♫ Hello Ocho – Sticking To The Sheets

  • Who: John & Chris
  • What: Fuzzy indie jams, like Wildlife Control, Adventure Galley, Museum Mouth
  • Where: Atlanta, GA + Facebook
  • When: The single w/ B-side “Chili Cheese Connie” is out now free.
  • Why: The ol’ “lure you in and tear you up” trick gets worked to perfection on “Stickin To The Sheets” as the track opens with a calm-enough build up of guitar strumming and what is maybe a xylophone. The drums kick in and the whole thing seems to be picking up steam. But you still aren’t prepared for the propulsive steamroller of rollicking fuzz-rock and that excellent far-off whistle that digs right into my happy-cortex. Then the whole things slowly falls apart and seems to be wrapped up… but is it!? [via]