Mayaenova – “The Pain Inside Your Head” // Matthew Pettit

This song takes me back to high school, trapper keepers, seeing my crush in the hallway between English and History – and having her totally ignore me. So I’d do exactly what I’m doing right now: putting on my headphones, cranking up the volume, and bobbing along to Mayaenova’s catchy, buzzy synths.

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Night Drive – “Rise and Fall” + “Rise and Fall (Classixx remix)” // Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock

Five minutes after I switched on “Rise and Fall”, I came to having turned off all the lights in my apartment and created a full-scale light show with every glowing object I owned. I either need help or more lights, and I’m leaning heavily towards the latter.

‘Rise and Fall’ is the first single from Night Drive’s forthcoming debut album, out June 16th on Roll Call Records.

Don’t miss the excellent and funky remix from Classixx, which spins the original from driving synth-pop to groovy nu disco.

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Go Fever – “Come Undone” // Luisa Rivera

Go Fever have me wishing I had someone here to sing along with. Lets try both singing super loud and maybe we can sync up?

Go Fever selt titled LP just came out so dive in here!

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The Lagoons – “California” // Jesse Kassel

Having grown up in California I will take all the odes to my home state I can get. Especially when they are as 100% smooth operating as this horn-filled gem from The Lagoons. It strikes all the right chords for a day at the beach racing the heat to the bottom of a pitcher of Modelo.

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KINDATHEART blur my PERCEPTION of things when this jam is cranked loud

Don’t be late for your next class/meeting! Crank up “Perception” and kick your ass into high gear. If you legs can keep half the pace of the killer bass riffage here then you’ll be there in no time.

Hovvdy – “Problem”

A Hovvdy song is like a wave from a stranger as you sit on your porch with a rapidly warming beer. It’s a brief but pleasant moment that you hope happens again soon. Because there are just not enough waves from strangers anymore. And not enough Hovvdy songs either. But there is the full LP Taster out April 15.  Read more

Max Frost – “Withdrawal”

Beware, the new jam from Max Frost is just soulfully funky enough to slightly alter your perception of the world. The kind of song that makes objects seem larger, brighter, and downright sexier then they oughtta be. You will want to exercise caution if listening to “Withdrawal” in public.  Read more