Shakey Graves – “Roll the Bones”

Shakey Graves

Running The Burning Ear for over 4 and a half years I’m usually the one dragging friends to go see bands they don’t know. Thankfully my girlfriend is also a pretty badass music lover/sharer and this past Sunday she dragged me to see Shakey Graves. Just because I had never heard if him until a day before doesn’t mean that he didn’t pack The Bootleg Theater to the seams. Everyone on the room was locked into his one man shred-folk performance and I was no exception. Listen to the album below if you like. Download it for pay-whatever if you want. But make sure you watch the video below it to get a feel for the higher energy magic of his live show. He is on tour through Halloween so make no excuse and get tickets now. One man, his guitar, and a drum kit made from an old suitcase never sounds so good.

[MP3] J. Roddy Walston & The Business – “Heavy Bells”

J. Roddy Walston & The Business - Heavy Bells

Oh man, have I missed J. Roddy & company. Their 2010 self titled debut was a no prisoners shack-rock shredder that definitely did some damage to my speakers. Their upcoming album is named Essential Tremors after a nervous-system disorder that affects J Roddy. Its a collection of songs “partly about owning and embracing your weirdness instead of letting it hold you captive because you don’t even want to talk about it.” First single “Heavy Bells” owns that weirdness with a vengeance. Roddy’s vocals grind and rasp over White Stripes/Black Keys level guitar work. The whole things seems about to come unhinged and break apart but that is the J Roddy Walston signature sound we love so much. Thank you for coming back.

Essential Tremors is out 9/10 on ATO Records. Download “Heavy Bells” here.

[MP3] Mother Falcon – “Dirty Summer”


I saw a lot of amazing things at this year’s SXSW in Austin but perhaps the most memorable was watching a 16 piece orchestral indie band play under a bridge in the center of town. Mother Falcon was that band and as their name suggests, they are a force to be reckoned with. Catch the version from under that bridge here.

[MP3] SPEAK – “Peaks”

SPEAK - Peaks

an emotion is a terrible thing

Hmmhmmm yeah… We know Austin’s Speak from their Jukebox The Ghost remix from a year ago, but now we need to know them for their entrancing original jams like the slinky “Peaks”. Their Soundcloud is full of jams I have to get caught up and but this 2 day old track implies that there is more to come. Yes please!

Max Frost – “White Lies” & “Nice and Slow”

Max Frost

i’m pickin’ up really sketch vibes, my girl’s been telling me lies

As if Austin, TX, wasn’t musically famous enough for SXSW now Max Frost is bound to put his town on the map again. His slinking, funked up jams are crafted to burrow deep in your mind and pull out deep thoughts and even deeper dance moves. Get into “White Lies” to warm up and “Nice and Slow” to cool down. Two sides of a damn talented coin.

[MP3] Sphynx – “Orbs”

could we stay this way forever, for eternity

♫ Sphynx – Orbs

  • Who: Cory, Aaron & Todd
  • What: Genre, like early Passion Pit (ha), Miami Horror, Kitten Berry Crunch
  • Where: Austin, TX + Facebook
  • When: Their 2011 EP Human Beast is out now at name-your-price.
  • Why: I don’t know why but Cory, Aaron, & Todd just seem like the names of 3 dudes who would get into the funked out party vibes. It’s only appropriate that they do that on the regular as Sphynx. It’s throwback. It’s futuristic. It’s happening right now and you should be dancing. You should also be doubling your pleasure with their other equally sexy and free new single “Sha Dynasty.”

Ghostland Observatory: What GMPD Could Have Become


love is a potion to give your life a soul

Ghostland Observatory – Freeheart Lover

I hadn’t made the connection until I sat down to write this post but Ghostland Observatory really do remind me of what GMPD could have evolved into: Part Daft Punk, part Prince, part Queen. Freeheart Lover has the exact rock edge I am missing from GMPD’s now album. But enough lamenting, on with the music! Ghostland Observatory are from Austin, Texas and I definitely get a bit of social-misfit vibe from their photos. (I once lived with a dude that rocked the pigtail-braids and he was both socially and hygienically challenged) But fear not, you dont have to invite them in for dinner, just invite them into your heart. Oh, and let this track in too.

Ghostland Observatory – The Band Marches On

If you enjoy their company then pick up their latest, 2008’s Robotique Majestique.

–  Click album art above to buy • Ghostland Observatory on MySpace –