Chick Quest – “Savant Garde” // Chris Jehly

Need a little punk to get you out of that funk? Let the creeping riffage of Chick Quest raise your limbs and shake your ass. “Savant Garde” digs itself deeper into your brain with each listen. I recommend multiple.

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ROBB – “Feeble Lines”

Sometimes “hump day” calls for a big upbeat song to inject some pep in your step. And sometimes “hump day” calls for something that evokes the word’s darker meaning. Something that sparks hazy memories of weekend’s past where the work of a Wednesday morning was the last thing on anyone’s mind. Close your eyes and let Vienna’s ROBB take you there. They will be gentle.  Read more

James Hersey – “Coming Over” (Filous Remix)”

Music for… slowly easing my ears back into the swing of life at home after a whirlwind week of trekking through Europe. It was a great time but I’m glad to be back and sharing music with you all again.

Location: Filous and James Hersey are both from Vienna, Austria, a city I actually didn’t visit last week.

Future: Keep an ear on young Filous. I’m sensing big things.

ManiezzL – “Long Story Short”

ManiezzL - Long Story Short

Smooth Austrian beats with small vocal samples and big horn action.

Scheinizzl – “One More”

Vienna’s Scheinizzl is probably nodding more towards his native tongue then Snoop speak, but either way its a name word to say. Almost as fun as the xylophone bits in “One More”. Why isn’t there more xylophone is modern electronic music? Its the one instrument that has 100% saturation rate among 2 year olds. Why do we turn our backs on it so quick!?