[MP3] ANR – “Millionaire” (Kelis w/ Andre 3000 Cover)

where there is cheese there are rats, where ever there are rats there are cats, where ever there are cats there are dogs, if you got the dogs you got bitches, bitches always out to put their paws up on your riches 

♫ ANR – Millionaire (Kelis cover)

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that the giving spirit doesn’t live on! TBE alums ANR dished out a 2-song gift over holidays and while their cover of “Little Drummer Boy” may have to wait a few months to dip into rotation, their take on Kelis & Andre 3000’s “Millionaire” is something else. There is weight here. Not many of us can identify with the pain of being rich but now we can know what it sounds like. And who doesn’t want to hear Andree 3000’s verses slowed to an easily followable speed? Plus they take on a whole different feel when they are sung with more heavy emotion. Well played, ANR.

[LP] ANR should STAY on all KIDS ipods if they want BIG jams and are having a PROBLEM finding them

we’ve got the brains but not the bodies to live so fast

♫ ANR – Stay Kids

You may remember Miami’s ANR from when they went by Awesome New Republic and helped us ring in TBE’s 2 month anniversary almost 2 years ago. Since then they dropped a few more EPs and an underwhelming LP before diving under the radar for a bit. Cut to 2011 and they have emerged leaner and meaner than every before. They’ve not only streamlined their name, but tightened their sound and honed in on the hooks and heart. It’s not

“Stay Kids” is the title track of their forthcoming LP and starts the disc off right, easing us into the new sounds of ANR. It’s a little more delicate, a little more precious, a little more rocking, and suddenly, it’s a lot more appealing. It’s an ironic title because you can almost hear the duo coming growing up.

ANR – Big Problem

Stay Kids continues with “Big Problem,” a speaker blasting reminder that these guys mean business. Crunching guitars and fingersnaps hold on as tight as they can to that freight train beat that careens around the dance floor at top speeds. This one is for rolling down windows and blowing out stock speakers.

The rest of the album’s 10 tracks balance the soft and soulful with the catchy and polished in a way that sets ANR apart in this years crop of buzz bands. They’ve dug deeper and it shows. No two songs sound remotely the same yet all of them are clearly branched of the same quickly maturing indie rock tree. Songs like “Holes” and “A Year Of Solitude Pays Off” show a band comfortable with baring some soul through sparse arrangements. Others like “It’s Around You,” and “This Is The Timing” are instantly catchy and memorable but in quite different ways. Cheers to ANR for kicking of 2011 with such a solid bang! Stay Kids is out digitally on March 15h. You know what to do.

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} TBE Digest 2 • 11/14/09

DigestThese jams aren’t worthy of their own post but I know I was curious. You might be too.

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Remix Roundup /// Vol. 7 – The Beast

Holy shit. I just finished putting together this Roundup and it’s a beast! Fantastic remixes of Miike Snow, La Roux, Lykke Li, Phoenix, MSTRKRFT, Daniel Merriweather, and oh so many more. I won’t waste much time here cause you people have work to do after the jump. Oh, and regular readers will notice a few new features. I hope they make your Roundup experience just that much more buttery smooth.

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Awesome New Republic celebrate TBE’s Birthday!


i can feel in your fingertips that your grip is for real

Awesome New Republic – Birthday

So yesterday was the 2 month birthday of TBE  and what better way to celebrate than with this appropriately titled track from Miami’s Awesome New Republic. I almost saw these guys perform in Brooklyn back in September but my plans got derailed as is common in those parts. Now that I am finally sinking my teeth (ears) into their tunes I am even more bummed. They are an amped up electro-disco tornado that I can see getting very sweaty to (on the dance-floor, or otherwise). Rational Geograpic Vol 1 is the first in a 3 part, 6 song each, trilogy to be released over the next few months. Vol 1 is out on Tuesday but the dudes in ANR are so crazy cool that they are giving it away for free at their website! Don’t sleep on that!

FUN FACT: “Birthday” was orginally written for the debut album of Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester. You can here her vocals on it at RCRD•LBL but I prefer the faster dude-to-dude version here.

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