B00TY – “Trust Me (feat. Kill Nigel)”

B00TY – “Loosen Up”

The holidays can be rough enough. Nobody likes it when you get all uptight. So take a cur from party-starters B00ty and chill the F out, loosen the F up, and treat the next few weeks as your personal dance bootcamp. Their killer video for “Loosen Up” has a lot of moves you would do well to perfect by new year’s eve.   Read more

[DEBUT] B00TY – “Funky Sista”

What good is the booty if you don’t get down?

As we crest the mid-week hump and turn our eyes and ears towards the weekend this above question is about as important as any.  What are your plans? Do you even know? Well you can start assembling something worth its weight in sweat with the supremely groovy “Funky Sista”, the debut jam from Los Angeles, B00TY. Get into the recording today. Get into the live version tomorrow night when they play The Spare Room.


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