Elohim – “She Talks Too Much”

This song goes out to all the no-filter chatty Cathy’s in your office/class/life that you get to say sayonara too on Friday as you escape into a weekend adventurescape of bright lights, big city, and heavy foods at late hours.

Pre-order the limited edition 12″ black vinyl via B3SCI.  Read more

Marian Hill – “Got It”

Music for… getting in touch with that angry twitch inside, and letting him out to bust robot moves. Then the horn army attacks and what could have been bloodshed turns to group roboting! Yes, that is a thing! I just lived it!

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Future: You can pre-order the Got It / Lips 7″ now. Out 12.02.14 via B3SCI Records

Beat Culture – “Drifter (ft. Psychic Twin)”

Beat Culture - Drifter (ft. Psychic Twin)

This spooky ride of glitchy beats and haunting vocals from Beat Culture is a great way to ease into a new year of music! Slow, steady,a nd with building tension that pays off beautifully. Watch out for the vinyl release on our friends’ B3SCI Records, the same label behind Jungle’s awesome “The Heat”.