BAD RABBITS CAN’T stop rocking me BACK and forth, up and DOWN!

so lady shake your ass, you should just dance to it baby

♫ Bad Rabbits – Can’t Back Down

If a description of “part hip hop, part RnB, part rock” rubs you the wrong way then let me put it this way, these guys are all funk. As if the first 6 seconds of “Can’t Back Down” aren’t convincing enough, let me tell you that there are 6 more songs on the Stick Up Kids EP that all bring enough heat to get freaky to. “Can’t Back Down” closes out the EP and is my favorite for it’s crisp horns, oahh ooaahhhs, handclaps, and Prince-ly vocals. It doesn’t get much better than this on hot summer Friday. Kinda makes me want to commandeer an old boombox and start a block party! There is one more tasty jam over at RCRD•LBL, or if you are feeling this stuff like me then just grab the whole EP here. It’s available on pay-what-you-can system. Thanks Bad Rabbits!

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