Austin Stahl – “Ich Cetera” // Jon Weary

When the morning just comes on too strong try easing into it with the soft guitar grooves of Austin Stahl. “Ice Cetera” is still soothing my nerves on the 4th straight listen through.

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Great American Canyon Band – “Crash” (Live) // Julieanne Kost

I’m not usually interested in live versions of songs I already love but Great American Canyon Band has changed “Crash” so much that I can’t help but get swept up in the calmer stripped back vibe here.

Listen to the original in my post here.

SUPERCITY sure DON’T need YOU to approve or CARE to dive into some killer riffage

Come for the killer bass line and stay for the “ooh oooh” singalong. And then get into more Supercity.

Great American Canyon Band – “Lost At Sea” + “Crash”

Like any of the grand earthly features they take their name from, there is more to Great American Canyon Band than their name suggests. Whichever way you find yourself getting into Great American Canyon Band, enjoy not getting out for a while. I certainly have.

“Lost At Sea” is from 2015’s Crash EP whose title track is also on the full length LP Only You Remain which comes out today.

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Quantum Keys – “Feel Alright”

Hold on tight for one of my favorite guitar solos of recent memory but stay focused because blink and you’ll miss it. The wonderfully jangly Quantum Keys do not mess around when its comes to keeping things short and sweet. I recommend keeping your finger near the repeat button as you dance around your room to “Feel Alright”. But I guess you will need both hands for the air guitar solo. I sure do.  Read more

[MP3] Future Islands – “Before The Bridge”

do you believe in love? hold your tongue

♫ Future Islands – Before the Bridge

The consistently underrated and underravedabout Future Islands just dropped another subtle slap in the face to everyone ignoring them. But not really a slap cause I bet these dudes are way too cool for slapping. They just continue being awesome behind everyone’s back. Their new 7″ will feature “Before The Bridge,” another thick slice of their rhythmic indie rock that sways and swells under the always incredible vocals. Future Islands always feel a bit tropical yet somehow rooted in a weightier world then their trend-riding indie-tropica peers. Maybe that’s what island life will be like in the futu… oh. I get it. Nice.

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