Mood Robot – “Drip” // Adrian Landon Brooks

Get lost in the musical eyes of Mood Robot and let them pull you into “Drip” a couple times.

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With all the love an respect for Genesis and Phil Collins, their jams haven’t always been bedroom music for our generation (especially if you grew up listening to them with your parents). So cheers to TBE faves Basecamp for crafting this sexed up cover that puts a super smokey spin on the original. Phil and I just may be dimming the lights together sometime soon…



BASECAMP – “Shudder”

Music for… either making tender love, or crying. I’m not sure which yet. But either way you are going to feel something. Thats just how BASECAMP operates. Sliding into the sublayers and steeping like hot tea until finally you feel soothed but never had to burn your lips.

Location: Nashville, TN.

Future: New EP coming soon.

Remix Roundup 74 – [5.23.2014] – Flume, The Golden Pony, Ryan Hemsworth, IYES, Miami Horror, Sia, Monarchy, and more!

Memorial Day weekend better watch its bad self cause you comin’ in hot with a bundle of fire remixes to blaze all over this BBQ joint! BACKUP! I just said it was HOT! You don’t listen good, do you? Oh, you just deaf cause you rock too many TBE remix roundups too loud. Thats coo.

Flume & Chet Faker – “Drop The Game” (The Golden Pony Remix)

There is not much more to life than live sax riffs!

Ryan Hemsworth – “Ryan Must Be Destroyed” (Wave Racer Remix)

Watch out for bumpy roads in Funkytown!

Zella Day – “1965” (IYES Refix)

Oh yeahhh… IYES with the mellow twisted remix win.

Miami Horror – “Colours In The Sky” (That’s Nice Remix)

Kick up the funk! Some serious synth magic here!

Sia – “Chandelier” (BASECAMP Remix)

Oooh yeah, all he right kinds of weird

Monarchy – “Living Without You” (MK Letting Go Remix)

Yes! Monarchy are finally back and MK killed it with this great remix!

[SXSW INTERVIEW] BASECAMP talk Nashville, hats, and what it means to be an elusive snow leopard…

We sat down with the guys in BASECAMP during SXSW to talk about their home base of Nashville, hats, and the best compliment their music has ever received.

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BASECAMP – “All That She Wants” (Ace of Base cover)

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As we didn’t love Nashville’s BASECAMP enough already, they had to go and cover Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” and etch their home in our hearts. Almost like they set up a base camp there…. oh…

[MP3] BASECAMP – “Emmanuel”

BASECAMP - Emmanuel

There is a lot of great music coming out of Nashville these days but Basecamp doesn’t sound like Wild Cub, Cherub, Mikky Ekko, or Mona. This is music that traditionally comes from colder climates like Sweden, London or Toronto. “Emmanuel” is dark, slow, and leaves a lot of room to breath. The vocals ride with distance from the plinking percussion and gently droning synths. Wrap yourself in it. Their debut EP comes out next month.