[MP3] Bastian – “Touch and Go”

if i have to come down i’m not hanging around

♫ Bastian – Touch and Go

  • Who: Bas, Eelco, Freek, and 4 other guys with boring names.
  • What: Electro-funk, like Chromeo, Ghosthouse, Prince
  • Where: Amsterdam + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Their 4th LP There’s No Such Place is out now.
  • Why: Last we heard from these guys they were kicking the big elastic grooves on “Mixed Messages.” The song’s tale of a girl taking a “shit on my soul” clearly took it’s toll on our guys and they have turned to other substances for relief. This jam sure cures what ails me and I hope it does the same for Bastian.

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[MP3] Bastian – “Mixed Messages”

you take me down and then you shit all over my soul

♫ Bastian – Mixed Messages

Amsterdam is home to a lot of things but now we can add to that list the foul mouthed funk dealers, Bastian. Elastic bass and crisp synths battle for center stage in this kiss-off to a waffling girl. Way to turn heart ache into sonic gold, guys! Grab a few more electrofunk jams at their Soundcloud.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon