BAY LEDGES – “Cloud Vision”

Bay Ledges – “Up”

Bay Ledges – “I Wonder”

Isle & Fever – “Keep On” + Bay Ledges remix // Alessandro Cripsta

If the sun isn’t shining on your right now then you need to turn up the volume. Isle & Fever are emanating pure grooves right here and as if that wasn’t enough there is also a Bay Ledges remix for more good vibes. Flipping between the two versions is like sitting poolside and taking your sunglasses on an off. Just the tint changes but your feet in the pool stay the same.

More of Isle & Fever here and more Bay Ledges here!

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Bay Ledges – “Safe” // Manjit Thapp

I don’t want to speak too soon but I think I love “Safe”… Just kidding, I’ve been grooving to this new Bay Ledges jam for days. There is no speaking too soon! I definitely love the funked out electro-acoustic grooves this guy makes and “Safe” is absolutely no exception.

Make sure to check out Bay Ledges on Volume 003 of Vinyl Moon!

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BAY LEDGES continues to play with our HEARTS

Another Vinyl Moon alum with another smooth operatin’ groover. “Hearts” is from Bay Ledges’ “The EP” available on Bandcamp.

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Bay Ledges – “Mango”

True heartbreak is never as easy as the movies make it seem. Before you can shatter a person’s sense of self and perspective on their life with you, there are life experiences to rack up. But before you can share those sunsets and sideways glances you’ve got to get in the door. And to open that door there are few better ways than a direct and honest song stating your intentions. Mom always said, honesty is the best policy and TBE faves Bay Ledges agrees. Time to open up the china shop of your heart and let the bull in the front door.  Read more