The Best Songs of 2010 for Shaking Your Ass/Rump/Donk/Moneymaker/What Your Mama Gave You: A New Years Eve Collection

The year comes to a close tomorrow and it’s time to start compiling those “Best Of” lists we all love. What better way to kick things off than with a mega-mix of the year’s best ass-shaking jams. Those tracks that just take a hold and force you to dip that hip, and just in time for New Year’s Eve!

Some are originals, some are remixes, and some are mashups. It’s no means a definitive list nor are the tracks in any sort of ranking. These are the tracks that have gotten my blood pumping all year long and so what better way to celebrate them than letting them ring in the new year! More specific lists coming once the year actually ends!

I’ve broken them down into three parts for easier navigation. If these lists were hot sauces they would Read more

The Best Remixes / Mash-ups of 2010… So Far (Jan-June)


Best Remixes 2011 – PART 2 (July-Dec)

Joel & Scotts Top 50 Remixes 2010 

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Ok, so we’ve got some remixes here! I have to say, I haven’t been blown away by a lot of remixes this year. A handful have been on repeat but most others have just lasted a few listens. Anyway, RAC is back in full effect, basically dropping pure gold. Don Diablo is doing his thing, turning so-so tracks into epicness. The Soundmen are back with another super-infectious remix. The Hood Internet (and Jay-Z??) are dominating the little Mashup section at the bottom. Some familiar names, some fresh faces, all great jams. I’m going to leave these without comments for now because frankly, they don’t need them and I want to get this list out in time for Friday night! Rock on! Read more

BEARBOT is STUNTIN LIKE nobody’s business. MY ONLY problem is the incessant SWERVING and swaggering these jams induce.

if there’s a throne, you’re looking at a chairman

♫ Bearbot – Stuntin Like My Only Swerving

♫ Bearbot – Get It

Usually a dope mash-up finds itself tucked into a Remix Roundup with a dollop of praise on it’s fresh little head. Pardon me if I change things up on you. Or rather pardon Bearbot if she (yes, the same “she” who is steaming up that jpeg) changes things up on you. In the grand tradition of my boys The Hood Internet or the overly-ADD Girl Talk, Bearbot is known for slicing and dicing genres into hyped up dance floor brush-fires that demand that you rock along. Start playing “name that sample” with the two jams above and if you think you can handle it then step up to “Back Hole,” the 16 minute album closer to Bearbot’s recent mix-tape chronicling (and titled) The Life Of A Star. Get it, as well as a gang of other Bearbot treats, over at the official website. And then make sure you hold on tight to that beverage!

♫ Bearbot – Black Hole

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