Oscar & the Wolf – “Runaway” // Jeff Koons

Intergalactic disco guitars and breathy vocals are the name of the game in “Runaway”. Perfect for blasting from your spaceship’s speakers as you escape to parts unknown, in pure defiance of the lyrics. And once you get wherever you’re going, check out the incredible music video below.

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TÉMÉ TAN know that a well placed accent can have the value of an AMÉTHYS

I’ve listened to this one on repeat enough times I can almost sing along in French… A hell of a lot more fun than Rosetta Stone.


SHARKO send riffs to the heavens for GALILEO to spot

One of my earliest school projects was on my main man Galileo so I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for that stone cold rebel. Thank goodness Sharko didn’t blow it by naming a song after him that didn’t have killer grooves and make me want to revisit it like Galileo did the stars. The crazy thing that at less than 1000 plays on soundcloud, “Galileo” is almost and under-appreciated at the man himself was in his day. Hey wold, let’s not make the same mistake twice!

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Soulwanderer – “Vermont” + “Mighty Flow”

If I was the type of person to set a song to wake me up instead of my horrifying iPhone alarm, then Soulwanderer would me my morning composer of choice. These slippery instrumental soul beats carry just enough pep to bump me out of bed but nothing sharp or pointy to rattle the fragile dawn mind. Wonderful.

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ULYSSE – “Witness”

Whatever kind of stalker-esque noir-ish activities you have scheduled for the wee hours of this weekend you are going to need an appropriate soundtrack. Something that sets the mood while also keeping your blood pumping to your lusty eyeballs. Queue Ulysse and turn your borderline illegal activities into a front-seat dance party!  Read more

Majestique – “Renegades” feat. Lakshmi

When ‘the end’ is finally ‘nigh’ and the world is turning to a fiery soup of zombies, cyborgs, and drones, you are going to need an uplifting jam to soundtrack the daring journey you make with your dad and little brother. You never thought your life would end up this way. But then again, you always new you wouldn’t be like all the rest.  Read more

The Magician – “Sunlight” feat. Years & Years

Sounds Like… summertime is finally here. And Years and Years are finally getting the love, recognition, and collaborations they deserve.

Location: Belgium. Dance floors. Pool Parties.

Future: More dance floors. More pool parties. And probably even more Belgium.

Also, Years and Years just dropped this one a few hours ago. Double trouble!

LA PLAGE – “Rendez Vous”

Ohh yeah. Hello Saturday! It’s Belgian, its sexy, its fun, it’s the debut single by La Plage! The cutesy pixie vocals over that hip shaking beat make for a seriously infectious slice of joy. Get into it.