Bels Lontano – “Lift The Sun”

Bels Lontano – “Lovely Path” // Alex Kuno

Opening with an inspiring mix of whimsical harp-like sounds and keys, Bels Lontano slowly adds in the ambience with soft chords and electro-beats. Drawing inspiration from the multi-dimensional composer Ligeti, the Michigan-based producer pulls out all the stops with this dream-pop track. “Lovely path” sounds like you’re going in and out of consciousness (in a good way) while being awakened by the miscellaneous sounds that are a part of your everyday life. With a constant array of beats and chimes, this airy track quickly becomes a go-to jam. If you like Flying Lotus and want to experiment with some low-fi floral beats, be sure to take a listen to this track off of Bel’s Lontano’s EP, “Off of Kind Decade”.

Off of the album Kin Decade out December 2017

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