Belwoorf – “Church Point”

After posting Belwoorf’s beautiful “Stoic” I expect that all of you immediately listened to everything else on his Soundcloud but in case you didn’t, here is “Church Point”. This haunting and melancholy dreamscape has been floating through my mind for months. Make sure you take a spin or two.  Read more

Belwoorf – “Stoic”

Sometimes the stagnant and familiar pace of the workweek can feel abrupt after a particularly restorative/emotional/thrilling weekend and realigning yourself with the tasks at hand can be like pushing through a mix of tar and honey. With a song (and a name) like “Stoic” at your back, you can find the dark swirling core of focus needed to forge ahead. Your fragile mind is in desperate need of a forceful beat and groove but isn’t quite ready for lyrics yet. That will come. Lets just get through these few minutes…

Belwoorf - Stoic