Ben Bostick – “Anna Karina” (Unreleased) // Peter Adamyan

Ben Bostick dials in the nostalgic heart-ache in this bonus track from his self-titled debut, managing to bring a smile to the edge of your mouth at the same time he draws a tear from the corner of your eye. Sweet, sad, and simple, “Anna Karina” is a lovely addition to his already remarkable portfolio.

For more of Bostick’s rustic hurt-so-good, revisit “Sweet Maria” from VINYL MOON Volume 017: Libertas.

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BEN BOSTICK has a SWEET spot (and some new moves) for dear MARIA

A margarita or beer with a lime. You pick.

Track #2 from Ben Bostick’s “My Country” EP.

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Ben Bostick – “My Country”

There is a lot of country I don’t know. There is a lot of this country I don’t know. But damn if I’m not enjoying Ben Bostick’s version of both. Get into his whole debut EP here.

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