Dubstep Roundup Vol. 36 – 8.31.12 [Benga, Bingo Players, and more…]

High on caffeine and the intoxicating thought of the weekend that lies ahead… I present you Dubstep Roundup Vol. 36. A continuation of our bi-weekly feature at The Burning Ear, Dubstep Roundups are a collection of the freshest melodic dubstep tracks on the planet. Ch-ch-ch-check it out yo.

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Birdy – Shelter (Clark Kent Remix)

Taryn Manning – Send Me Your Love (KDrew Remix)

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[MP3/Video] Magnetic Man

I dont have a lot of time to write about this one, but I wanted share with you guys one of the most viewed music videos in the world right now.  Hot off their  October 4th album release, Magnetic Man (composed of dubstep pioneers Skream, Artwork, and Benga) are making world-wide waves with mainstream success.  Dubstep purist can complain if they want, but this is the type of circumstance where innovative artist can alter mainstream pop-culture.  And, yes this album lacks major dubstep bass, but one must remember that this isn’t a dubstep album.  This album is its own monster with its own sound, with influences from dubstep to trance.  Why don’t you be the judge, and listen to these tracks below.  Don’t forget to watch the video (after the jump below) because it is straight magic.

♫ Magnetic Man- Getting Nowhere
♫ Magnetic Man- I Need Air

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