FIL BO RIVA – “Head Sonata (Love Control)” // Eve Lloyd Knight

While FIL BO RIVA is “trying to get control of this love”, I’m trying to get control of my feet, which seem to be tapping and jumping around without any input from me. What’s worse, it’s starting to spread to my hands, which are clapping along with the chorus, and my neck, which is banging along to the thick fuzzy bass. Listen at your own risk – you might want to clear your afternoon plans once “Head Sonata” comes on.

If FIL BO RIVA makes you lose control, listen to “Like Eye Did” from VINYL MOON Volume 015: Taking Shapes with caution.

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Melis – “Holding Hands” // Chloe Wise

In classic Melis form, “Holding Hands” becomes more complex the more you listen to it and notice its subtleties (the piano oscillations have a nearly subconscious effect, while the electronic influences on the song are hardly noticeable until the end).  Melis’ melancholy vocals are complimented perfectly by the all-encompassing backing indie rock band, making the perfect song for drinking tea by the windowsill in perpetual rain.

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Melis – “Sober (Over You)” // Mike Lee

Building from the intimate style from Melis that we’ve loved in the past, “Sober (Over You)” builds to a grand, hazy climax. Make sure you have a drink (or two) to wave aloft during the final choruses.

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Melis – “Flower” // Justyna Wołodkiewicz

Much like the botanical namesake, the latest from Melis is a lovely thing with delicacy that belies an inner strength that comes to the forefront in the final chorus.

“don’t stop now
it’s just a bump in the road with distance to go
so just don’t think about it”

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Parcels – “Older” // Lonneke van der Palen

Somewhere between the clean guitars, the soft vocal harmonies, and tidy drum rhythms, I find this song positively European. And not Berlin or Wales, where Parcels is based. I’m talking French-Riviera, cobblestone streets, hop on your Vespa to track down that stunning handbag designer you saw over your espresso only to watch her board a yacht and sail off into the bay. Quick aside: Why haven’t I been hired as a music video director?

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Melis – “Love Song Idea” // David McConochie

You know that tender, slightly anxious feeling you get when you hear an isolated voice? Perhaps you’ve finally cajoled your friend into playing that song she wrote to an audience of two, all alone in someone’s living room. Melis captures that exposed, vulnerable feeling in a lo-fi love song saved from a dying hard drive.

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Kyson – “Pictures” + “Wattle Rise” // Brian Batt

You’re alone at a bus stop, the bus hasn’t come for over an hour, and there’s a steady stream of cars whizzing by. You might feel alone, exposed, contemplative – but don’t worry. Kyson is right here with you, he knows exactly what you’re going through, and he’s even called ahead to make sure a warm cup of tea will be ready for you as soon as you get home. And look, there’s the bus now.

“Pictures” is the third single taken from Kyson’s sophomore album ‘A Book Of Flying’, out now via Friends Of Friends.

“Wattle Rise” is part of Friends of Friends excellent ‘<a href=””>Up Too Early</a>’ compilation, which is perfect since the repeated “gonna face you” vocal sample used in this track is the same mantra I chant at the sun as I’m tangled up in my bedsheets. Careful that the plush, subby bass doesn’t pull you right back to bed.

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Weirdo + Co – “Mother Of Pearl” – // George Boorujy

New jam from the effortlessly fun Weirdo, now with a full “Co” in tow. “Mother Of Pearl” is for pushing aside your anxieties for a night of tearing up the most-pit/dance-floor/living-room. You can worry in the morning.