Jules Valeron – “Libertine” // Ed Spence

Speaking of Stranger Things… here is another great song to add a little tension to your Tuesday. Put this in your headphones and turn the most mundane activities into an otherworldly suspense scene.

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FIL BO RIVA – “Killer Queen” // Pedro Tapa

We’ve all had a killer queen. But I’m not sure I’ve ever had one the way Fil Bo Riva has. Love sure hurts and there is pain and heartache in every note of his voice as he longs for her.  I hope he gets her back… if only to reconnect with the muse that inspired such a fantastic song.

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FIL BO RIVA have twang LIKE i know EYE love but never DID hear quite like this

Heartbreak is never a straight line. Great songs about it shouldn’t be either.

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Sara Hartman – “Monster Lead Me Home” + “Two Feet Off The Ground”

There is something quite liberating about singing along to Sara Hartman at top volume. Even my best shower-singing voice wont come near her super-charges pipes so I can give up on matching her and just belt along with abandon. She steers this thing, I’m just along for the ride.

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HOST – “All Night Every Night”

Be careful with this little dancing genie. He just scored something at the back of the bottle and has gone all hyper. You’re gonna need more limbs if you hope to keep up once you’ve let him out.  Read more

Jesper Ryom – “Trivia”

Daydream break! Jesper Ryom has cordially invited you to step onto his magic carpet made of glass and slip into a few different dimensions before he sends you back to your desk. Try and slip off the ride when you see the dimension with the dance party going on. Its a good one.  Read more

LCMDF – “Procrastination 365”

This weekend you can braid your hair, bedazzle your sunglasses, sing into your hair curler, paint your nails, reorganize your jewelry, jump on the couch; but whatever you do, just don’t do any work!  Read more

Ron Flieger – “Song To You”

Our man Ron Flieger may have spent one too many Sunday afternoons cooking under the Summer sun because he spends most of his new single “Song To You” mumbling and grumbling through charmingly demented confessions of love and loss. Is he unhinged? Or just deliriously head over heels? Or is that just the same thing? As long as the man keeps putting his soul into grooves like this I don’t really care.  Read more