Deaths – “Voices”

Another beautifully haunting one from Deaths. “Voices” floats into your mind like a draft from an open window. Chilling yet refreshing. Calming but invigorating. And much like fresh air, the more you can get of it the better.  Read more

DEATHS – “Saviour”

Sometimes a song is great because it makes you feel comfortable and at ease with the flowers blossoming in your eyes and the sugar sweet hooks looping your ears. And sometimes a song is great because it makes you neck twitch and your arm-skin rise and you still come back for more. It makes you dance not from joy, but to spastically avoid the insects who are playing dance music in your kitchen.  Read more

Ron Flieger – “Feel Your Love”

Yesterday Vinyl Moon passed it’s 100% funded goal on Kickstarter and today we are already at 112%. Ron Flieger’s new jam is the perfect soundtrack to all the love I’m feeling from around the world. Sure, Ron may have been singing about someone else, but I’m sitting here in my chair singing about all these amazing people. Close your eyes, drift along, and sing with me!

“Feel Your Love” is a new track from an upcoming EP out June 12th.

Ron Flieger - Feel Your Love

[MP3] Lions Head – “Begging”

Sounds like… a stripped back Hunter Hunted if produced by Milky Chance and the whole thing just happened really impromptu when everyone was sitting around a bonfire and roasting sausages and drinking beers and then some guy says he has a recording studio in his Orange 1974 Volkswagen bus. Not sure if thats how it really happened but probably something similar.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Future: Free download. Happy Friday.

NoMBe – “Seminole”

Sounds Like… a fitting song to celebrate the independence of this twisted nation. Funk-buttery grooves collide with tense lyrics and a churning undercurrent to make “Seminole” one of the most repeatable jams of late. New layers with each listen.

Location: Berlin / Los Angeles

Future: My guess? Making a big ol’ dent in this dark soul thing going on these days.

[MP3] Thomas Azier – “Red Eyes”

she could never be closer, and who’s the one who casts the spell?

♫ Thomas Azier – Red Eyes

First “Metropolitan Tribe” and now this? It’s looking like Berlin’s Thomas Azier has his sights set on getting us moving. “Red Eyes” gets a bit darker, using the range of Azier’s sharp voice over a slow burn beat that strobes and churns in the back alley of my mind.

[MP3] Chopstick & Johnjon – “Obviously She’s A Whore”

i’m hurting while i’m with you

♫ Chopstick & Johnjon – Obviously She’s A w****

  • Who: A Chi-Thien & a John(jon)
  • What: Deep House, sounds like Danny Dance, Jens Lindahl
  • Where: Berlin, Germary + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: Latest EP Suol Mates 1 out now
  • Why: When artists can strike a perfect balance between two genres like soul hip-hop and deep house it’s quite the spectacle. Chopstick & Johnjon did just that with the aptly titled song above. This one clocks in at nearly ten minutes, so grab some snacks, you’re in for an extended play.

[MP3] BODI BILL aren’t for listening to alone in a HOTEL

you speak in generous words but all i need is your money

♫ Bodi Bill – Hotel

If you were at all down with Copenhagen’s When Saints Go Machine then you’ll want to add this jam to that dusk-funk playlist. Berlin’s Bodi Bill have been around for a while but this new track caught my ear with it’s plinking, off-beat percussion, muted horns, and odd vocals. Definitely not the kind of track you want to be listening to alone after watching Black Swan. I recommend snow-dusted afternoon walks in the park as a much more suited setting. Look out for Bodi Bill’s next full length in March.

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