VINYL MOON Volume 025: The Space Between

We’re happy to announce the newest VINYL MOON release, the record club that presses ten hot new music artists to vinyl with custom-made visual artwork and design.

Volume 025: The Space Between features art from multi-talented Jack Bloom, whose mystical artwork takes you to a new dimension. A gatefold jacket with arcane symbols and spot-gloss accents holds a see-through magic card, as well as a moving lenticular insert that grabs back. The music is a metaphysical experience in and of itself, pressed on marbled sky-blue vinyl.

Our readers will recognize artists such as Maxim Ludwig, Clans, Black Fly, and more. Undergoing a ritual of this kind

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Black Fly – “Dipped” // Gonzalo Borondo

Another great track from burgeoning artist Black Fly – this one features a pulsing groove, courtesy of a bassline that almost feels like it doesn’t belong. But instead of making the track feel disjointed, it functions as a sort of bold accent, like an unexpected ingredient in a dish, or an animal wearing sunglasses.

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Black Fly – “I Don’t Know” // Ken Resen

Growing from a quiet living room serenade to an 8-bit anthem on a dime, “I Don’t Know” bobs and weaves in several unexpected directions – but they’re all very welcome deviations. The project has two songs on Soundcloud right now, but expect good things from this producer.

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