[LP] Black Taxi – WE DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER (w/ “Do What You Gotta Do”)

i want food, shelter, sex, money, dont be shy

♫ Black Taxi – Do What You Gotta Do

If you didn’t take notice when I wrote about Black Taxi‘s epic SXSW set or their airtight jam “Tightrope” then this is your last warning. We Don’t know Any Better is a perfect resume of Black taxi’s various talents. The bouncy groovers like “Do What You Gotta Do” play well with stompers like the title track, spaced rock like “Hands” and tenderer fare like “Vultures.” It;s a sprawling album but fir me it just means there are new favorites to uncover with each spin. I highly doubt you will be disappointed.

[MP3] Black Taxi – “Tightrope”

so i tried to go hide but was kidnapped by carnies when i accepted their ride

♫ Black Taxi – Tightrope

  • Who: Ezra, Bill, Krisana, & Jason.
  • What:  Rockin “Grit pop,” like Mother Mother, Bronze, I Am In Love
  • Where: Brooklyn, NY + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: 2nd LP We Don’t Know Any Better is out now.
  • Why: There are a handful of undisputed facts from our TBE parties at SXSW this year and one of them is that Black Taxi dominated day 1. These 4 dudes took The Firehouse by storm, mounting the bar like cheap trike and riding the room rough and dirty. Yes, we hurt after, and yes, we wanted more. Thats all I’ll say for now as I’m sure I’ll be back with more words on their latest album as soon as its finished downloading (legally, from eMusic). In the meantime grab a few jams or just go big you pansy. Also catch their fun interview in their “luxurious” tour van.

[LIVE] SXSW DAY 1 Re-Cap + 360° Interviews

Holy smokes. What a day. So much great music. So much sweat coming out of so many talented pores. So much healing for my eardrums to do. Except they are gonna have to wait because we have 3 more days of madness! But enough about the future, lets take a peek at the past. Last night surprise guests Read more

[EVENT] The Burning Ear’s FREE 2012 SXSW Parties

Yes, the rumors are true. The Burning Ear is in full effect at this year’s SXSW. With the help of Joel’s Lights & Music Entertainment and the awesome people at The Firehouse Lounge & Hostel we have cooked up the biggest blog curated lineup Austin has ever seen. Plus, it’s FREE!  Seriously. Sit down before you click through to the full event page.

I wont even get into too many details here lest those of you not in Austin this week flip out with jealousy. If you feel strong enough then dip down below for some teasers. I hope to see some of you come and rock out! Don’t forget to say hi and high-five!


4 Days  |  3 Levels  |  40+ live shows | FREE

FEATURING: Jukebox The Ghost – Gigamesh – Gemini Club – Polarsets – DWNTWN – Slow Club – ANR – & many more!