Adam Jensen – “You Don’t Love Me Like Before” // Eunsuh Choi

Adam Jensen’s heartache is our indie pop gem. Whether you’re lost in the throes of a breakup or if you just need a new capstone for your running playlist, let the guitar-driven “You Don’t Love Me Like Before” push you forward.

Get more of Jensen’s powerful pathos with “Numb” on VINYL MOON Volume 015: Taking Shapes.

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Billy Quill – “Vermont” // Kariima Ali

cuz I’ve been lost,
and I’ve been young,
and I’ll be lost again when the morning bells are rung

Find yourself a little peace with Billy Quill singing about how all us lonely folks have a lot of company in each other.

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Adam Jensen – “Tombstone” // John Kviar

Adam Jensen kicks up his swagger and some back-country dust on “Tombstone”. The perfect jam to have on blast as I roll into Austin, TX, for SXSW this week!

Catch Adam’s killer track “Numb” on VINYL MOON V015: Taking Shapes

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Connor Donovan – “Gone Too Long (prod. JHAS)” // Winnie Truong

Listening to Connor Donovan rap on “Gone Too Long” has me feeling like that good friend who just listens. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a friend is listen. There are no answers. No solutions. Just patience as they work through the pain out loud and in real time. That is friendship.

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Camino 84 – “Methods of Flotation” + “Oh My” (ft. Sidney Gish) // Minas Halaj

Camino 84 knows his way around a groove. “Methods of Floatation” wastes no time in lifting off and hitting its cruise altitude groove. Its an instrumental jam full of enough layers to keep me warm long through the winter. “Oh My” pairs Camino with the killer vocals of Sidney Gish for some more pop leaning fare. Either way you cut it I’m sold and will be immediately diving into the rest of the out now on BANDCAMP & SPOTIFY.

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Adam Jensen – “Drugs” // Zach Harris

Some more slinky funky fun from Adam Jensen. I’ve listened on repeat all week. At this point, I don’t need to but I still press play…

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[PREMIERE] Adam Jensen – “Numb” + Video

Take a deep breath and a comfortable chair because this one is not the dance-party Adam Jensen delivered with “Sandcastles”. New track “Numb” is just has catchy as its predecessor, but with a much mellower tone that slips under the skin. Here we dig a bit into Jensen’s darker side and you only have to skim his bio on Soundcloud to see how dark it has gotten. But he has come through to the other side and has beautiful music to show for it. I’ll gladly take “Numb” on repeat than live through the events that created it. Cheers to brighter days ahead for Jensen and for all of us enjoying his musical hot streak.

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[DEBUT] Adam Jensen – “Sandcastles”

I’ve been whistling this one so hard my lips are begging to chap right off my face. Your turn. And then Adam’s turn to make more jams like this. Soon please!  Read more