BOY CRISIS feature some sweet jams as well as L’HOMME from that Taco Hut song

there’s a party in my brain and there’s no discernible dress code

♫ Boy Crisis – L’Homme

It was no easy feat getting my mitts on Boy Crisis’ Tulipomania but a little help from a TBE reader finally got me what I was looking for. After searching high and low for the album and enjoying the shit out of “Fountain of Youth” and “Strawberries” I had a feeling that the disc wouldn’t live up to my heightened expectations, and, well, I was kinda right. Tulipomania is a solid album filed with all manner of sexed-up funk but it’s not all gold. Tracks like “Bohemian Grove,” “To Be Nasty” and “Ganglion of Lightnings” feel a bit half baked and don’t pack near the punch of the album’s opening three tracks, “Fountain Of Youth,” “Dressed To Digress” and “Strawberries.” “L’Homme” is the mid album peak with it’s pulsing beat and instrumentation worthy of your best disco moves. I’ve definitely been jamming to this one quite a bit lately. “Indian Summer” closes things on a toned down, if still funky, mood and all in all, Tulipomania definitely not a bad debut. Some editing, however, would have made it one of the best EPs of ’09.

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The 25 Best Songs of 2009… Since Then / July-Dec.

Here is my list of the best songs of the second half of 2009. Be sure to read the first half’s list here and treat the two posts as a tag team of epic jams.

Wow, what a year. TBE is a month shy of it’s first birthday and now I have to wrap it’s whole existence into a short list? Tough times. Well, since objectivity is a myth, I am gonna keep my Best 20.9 Songs Of 2009 So Far list as the gold standard for my pre-July opinions and instead focus on the year’s latter half here. Why let time revise my previous favorites when the same fate will never befall these tracks? After all, it’s just a calendar. Anyway, I hope this list serves as a reminder of some forgotten jams or, if you are new to TBE, introduce you a new favorite jam. Whoever you are, and however you ended up here (Hi freeloaders!), may you enjoy the shit out of your time here (and there).

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Remix Roundup Vol. 13 /// 11-20-09

Photo by Daniel GreeneIn my never ending quest to make these roundups leaner and meaner this post was supposed to be onl 8 songs deep. Then I started putting everything together and it was one “Oh, shit! What about….” after another. Anyway, here is another remix beast for your weekend pleasure. Some real jamaroonies in this batch so get pumped!

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BOY CRISIS are a FOUNTAIN OF epic jams for today’s YOUTH (not ‘kids’). They also taste like STRAWBERRIES.

Boy Crisis Fountain

every single part of you is built like a weapon

♫ Boy Crisis – Fountain Of Youth

A part of me feels like Boy Crisis might be my new favorite band. Why reserve hesitation on the subject? Because I can’t find their debut album any-fucking-where! I scoured the interwebs and dug up a few jams but I want more damn it, more! I want to review the album! (you listening guys?) Boy Crisis only made their way through my ears recently when “Dressed To Digress” was hyped as the dancey side project of one half of Das Racist. (I’m sold already.) Upon falling hard for that track, and then even harder for “Fountain Of Youth,” I now feel like a tween girl when I yell “I’m having a Boy Crisis!” on the walk to work in the morning. I guess I should phrase it differently but I am too busy busting fresh dance moves and kissing other people’s grandmas. Yeah, this music is that good. As are both versions of the video.

♫ Boy Crisis – Strawberries

Boy Crisis went to Wesleyan University MGMT and have been drawing unfair comparisons to the art-douche duo. Lest you think Boy Crisis are a similarly educated 3-hit wonder I have included the sex-fest “Strawberries” and can also vouch for the gritty magic of “L’homme.” Oh, and “Strawberries”  includes the lyric “don’t you know I wanna smack that like it owes me money.” Epic. MGMT’s crowning lyric was “Shock me like an electric eel.” Ouch. I think “PWNED!” is what the kids are saying these days? Anyway, MGMT-boners can get bent because I don’t care about your tears, these guys make everyday a party and that’s where I want to be.

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