BRAIN TAN – “Dream Phone”

[PREMIERE] BRAIN TAN – “Moth” // Marco Mazzoni

The wonderful Brain Tan is back and needs someone to hold on to in the morning. Don’t we all… At least I have “Moth” to hold on to as I close my eyes and convince myself that everything is OK…

I’ve been following Brooklyn’s Brain Tan for years and its always treat to hear new music from him. It doesn’t happen enough! (only 6 songs in 4 years!) So it is with great pride that I get to premiere “Moth”. Is it his best jam yet?? Damn, don’t make me answer that. So many to pick from! In fact, that is just what I’m going to do now…

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Brain Tan – “Style” (Taylor Swift Cover)

How damn badass would it be if Taylor Swift’s next album sounded like this? Even an EP! I think she would kill it in the world of fuzzed out chill wave vibes. Or maybe we can just count on Brain Tan to continue covering her in their special upside down way. That would be rad too.

Style (Taylor Swift Cover)

[MP3] Brain Tan – “Relapse”

Formerly Future Screens, Brooklyn’s Brain Tan just debuted their new name with “Relapse” and I’m damn impressed. These guys have always known their way around a synthesizer groove but this jam is a great evolution. It lures you in before kicking out the instantly sing-along-able chorus, all the while demanding funky dance moves. Get into it!